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Graduation Opportunity Smart Safety Shoe @Allshoes

All Shoes and Fieldlab UPPS and hopefully you will create a “smart” safety shoe that detects and alerts the wearer...

Read about our recently finished projects!

Read about our recently finished projects!

With a successful MeetUPPS on June 21, we have completed a series of great projects. Some projects have been running...



On 21st of June, from the studio of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, the fourth episode of MeetUPPS took...

MEET UPPS June 21st (online)

4th MEET UPPS FIELDLAB UPPS June 21st 14:00-17.00 hrs, ONLINE meeting //UPDATE: MEETUPPS MOVED FULLY ONLINE// Would you like to...

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FieldLab UPPS

Fieldlab UPPS stimulates innovations around Ultra Personalised Products and Services, in short: UPPS.

The trend of customisation: Perfectly fitting clothes and shoes, a wrist orthosis adapted to wrist shape or even to a type of injury and a customer interaction that allows for flexibility and feedback, that is what customers want. And soon you will be able to provide it, as the latest technology no longer costs a fortune.

Technologies such as 3D-scanning and 3D-printing make custom build product accessible and easy. Your customers will will be a fan, you will no longer have unused stock, and you will learn a lot more about your customers! Which opportunities will this provide for your business?

FieldLab UPPS would like to explore these possibilities together. By combining companies, creative professionals and the facilities of Fieldlab UPPS we create new knowledge. With the use of practical questions we stimulate the production of personalised products in the dutch manufacturing industry.

Discover with UPPS and help to enrich the words knowledge on ultra personalised products and services! Let us create unique and perfectly fitting producten and services together.