MEET UPPS June 6th

2nd MEET UPPS FIELDLAB UPPS June 6th 13.30-17.30 hrs. Would you like to know more about designing Ultra Personalised Product...


Knowledge development about designing Ultra Personalised Products & Services Call for Proposals open May 1st 2019 Fieldlab UPPS is inviting...

Get to know the projects of Fieldlab UPPS

Get to know the projects of Fieldlab UPPS

The Fieldlab UPPS has started with a number of special projects that tackle the broad issues surrounding the design, production...

What we do at

FieldLab UPPS

Fieldlabs UPPS stimulates innovations around Ultra Personalized Products and Services, UPPS in short.

Custom is in: Perfectly fitted clothes and shoes, and a custom build breathing wrist orthosis; that is what customers want. And soon you will be able to provide, with the newest technology in UPPS custom build no longer needs to cost a fortune.

Technologies such as 3D-scanning and 3D-printing make custom build product reachable and easy.  Your customers will love you, you will no longer have unused stock, and you will learn a lot more about your customers! Which opportunities will this provide for your business?

FieldLab UPPS would like to explore these possibilities together. By combining companies, creative professionals and the facilities of Fieldlab UPPS we create new knowledge. With the use of practical questions we stimulate the production of personalised products in the dutch manufacturing industry.

Discover with UPPS and help to enrich the words knowledge on ultra personalised products and services! Let us create unique and perfectly fitting producten and services together.