Get to know the projects of Fieldlab UPPS

Wenjun Zhou – STRIKKS costumer journey

The Fieldlab UPPS has started with a number of special projects that tackle the broad issues surrounding the design, production and framing of Ultra Personalised Products & Services. Fieldlab UPPS has worked with multiple companies. Which are listed below

Tailor-made ankle Foot orthosis

The Centre for Orthopaedics is going to print a personalised 3D Ankle Foot Orthosis based on a parametric design using 3D user dimensions. The design is developed and tested based on scans of 20 subjects.

Optimization of the fencing glove

In order to provide the required protection, the modularly constructed Crossguard fencing glove (consisting of 40 parts) must optimally match the dimensions of the hand. What are the critical dimensions that a user must pass on to the company or get the glove he is fitting?

Personalized rolator grips

Rollator handles are subjected to a complex combination of forces and moments, making it difficult to predict which way a user wants to walk. Robot Care Systems will investigate whether the functionality of the handles can be improved by better tuning to the user’s hand and with new 3D printed material combinations.

Customer Journey for bespoke personalised knitwear

This project investigates how a customer from home can best go through the process from taking measurements, putting together a personalized and custom knitted sweater to making the purchase decision. Will the customer make a DIY scan at home or will it still be a measuring tape? And how do you show the customer that the made-to-measure knitted garment is like a cast? The flow is evaluated with 20 custom knitted products.

Visualization of made-to-measure knit sweaters

With STRIKKS we are working on a technical solution to enable 3D measuring customers in the shop. The customer can then design knitwear and see themselves wearing the results and get a good idea of how well it fits. The system should give the customer the confidence to order this personalized design for themselves.

Predicting body deformities

Mododata wants to be able to predict the fit of trousers in different positions and will therefore investigate whether it is possible to predict the deformations of the human body from a static 3D scan while adopting different postures and movements.

Safety and comfort

Together with Geosatis we are working on the evaluation of tailor-made systems with which a maximum degree of safety and comfort can be achieved with a minimum number of ankle strap sizes for prisoners. Interim results are expected to be presented in the spring of 2019.