New projects started

Fieldlab UPPS has recently started with three new projects! The duration of these projects is six months. Below you can find a short description of these new projects. Keep an eye on the website to stay updated!

1. Maat! personalised glasses

Made4Eyes B.V. (M4E) has been committed to customising eyewear since 2015, using 3D scan and 3D print technology. At the beginning of 2019, M4E launched the brand Maat! aimed at people who do not have a standard head shape. These are often people with a medical condition, such as Down syndrome, multiple severely disabled people, people with a skull disorder or other conditions.

After a year and a half, it appears that improvements need to be made in two areas. Firstly, sitting still often proves to be a problem for the user group and Fieldlab and M4E will investigate the possibilities of an instant-3D scanner. In addition, the fitting of the legs of the glasses is not always correct with strongly deviating head shapes. For this, Fieldlab will contribute to the personalisation of the spectacle arms based on individual deviations.

Nederland, Rotterdam, 10/06/2020 foto Jan de Groen

2. Ultra-tailored suits

The Makers is a B2B company that delivers tailor-made suits to retailers. Due to the increasing demand for tailored suits, The Makers wants to increase its supply and improve the process. Together with Fieldlab, The Makers wants to investigate whether the use of 3D scanning for extraction of body measurements can replace the manual measurement of body dimensions, to speed up the process and prevent any adjustments after production. The company also wants to investigate how the customer interaction can be improved using modern user interface design and digital customisation options.

Traditional tailoring The Makers

3. Wrist guard for professional goalkeepers

Football is one of the most played sports in the world and has been around for a long time. Over the years, the game keeps getting more intense, with shots on target that can reach speeds of up to 200 km / h. As a result, keepers increasingly suffer from wrist and finger injuries. The use of tape is almost standard for goalkeepers, but this is very cost- and environmentally ineffective in daily use, such as the case with professional goalkeepers. A wrist brace would be a better solution, but they don’t fit under the goalkeeper’s gloves.

In collaboration with professional goalkeeper Norbert Alblas (NEC), Fieldlab will focus on personalising a wrist brace for professional goalkeepers. It examines how the the wrist should be mobilised and how this can be worn in combination with gloves. Fieldlab will also consider personalisation based on the type of injury.

Norbert Alblas during his time with A.F.C. Ajax

4. Lingerie shaped avatars

Together with the fashion/innovation company HYPERcurve, located in Brussels, Fieldlab UPPS is investigating future perspectives of the design process of intimate apparel. The current design process is still very traditional, meaning it uses rather unrealistic body models and many iterative trial and error loops. There is a better solution, is what Rosa Kramer, founder of HYPERcurve studio, thought. By using the newest 3D bodyscanning techniques, an innovative tool will be developed for smart and fast digital fitting, to realise a unique personal fit.

Current standard bodymodels