3D head-scanner for medical eyewear design (filled)

‘Maatje van de maand’ – the importance of made-to-measure glasses (video)


About the company

Maat! is an Amsterdam-based MedTech start-up company specialized in customized eyewear tailored to the Medical Sector. We use a combination of 3D-scanning and 3D-printingtechnology to produce glasses made-to-measure with the perfect fit. We design and produce eyewear for children and adults with a special pathology such as Down syndrome, Goldenhar or craniofacial anomalies, making it a highly valued product for its user. Maat! developed a patented technology to compensate for any asymmetry leading to perfectly fitted eyewear. To improve the product and process, they are participating in the TUDelft Fieldlab UPPS.

The project

The current 3D scanning procedure with a structured scanner on an iPad demands for participants who can sit still for about 15 seconds, which is not always easy for the target group of Maatbril. They are looking for a faster 3D scan technology based on inexpensive scanning solutions. Former TU Delft scanning projects (such as hand scanners) can be used as guideline and information source. Besides functional development of the scanner, its design should be friendly, playful and medically safe for its intended users.

Current method of 3D scanning by Maat!


1. Design and develop a brand-new 3D head scanner;

2. Evaluate the performance accuracy, especially for the areas which are relevant for the design of eyeglasses frames;

3. Make sure the scanner design is intrusive and possibly playful to ensure positive user interaction with children with pathologies


An IPD student with an interest in 3D scanning and Ergonomics & Human Factors. You are also free to tailor the assignment to your own learning goals and interests.


The Applied labs will be your base. We are a small team of experts in Ergonomics and Human Factors, doing research on personalization of the design and manufacturing based on 3D anthropometrics and shape modelling. We will work closely together with the company Maatbril.

If you are interested or if you have an additional questions, please send an email to Wolf Song (Y.Song@tudelft.nl) or Laura Ahsmann (l.l.ahsmann@tudelft.nl).