A new way to prevent ancle injuries


To prevent injuries ankle braces should fit snugly around the ankle. Current ankle braces restrict movement in all directions, because of this they are often deemed clumsy. A custom made brace and shoe combination can avoid this issue.

  • A 3D scanner digitizes the ankles
  • With a parametric model, the ankle strap can automatically be made to fit. The initials of the user will be inscribed in the model.
  • The anklets are produced with a 3D printer.
  • Through use tests, different standard models of anklets were determined for different types of athletes
Op de Tennisbaan

Op de Tennisbaan

Op de Tennisbaan

Enkel scanner

An Exo-Ligament ankle brace gives a lot of freedom of movement and is easy to put on. The cord, which connects the ankle brace to the shoe, is not tightened as long as the user makes even movements. However, in the case of sudden acceleration, the Exo-L blocks instantly like safety belt in the car. It fits snugly around the ankle and the name of the owner is automatically incorporated into the product. A good example of a UPPS.

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