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How does it work?

The company draws up a project plan in consultation with Fieldlab UPPS. Here, in addition to the precise assignment, it is also clear how the role of the company is and how the contribution of the company will be contributed.

The company pays at least 50% of the total costs by means of payment or ‘in kind’ contribution in the form of hours, at a max. Hourly rate of € 60, – / hour including VAT. A maximum of € 20,000, – including VAT, is contributed by CLICKNL per company.

 The Fieldlab UPPS team assesses whether a project meets the objectives and gives a go or no go.

An agreement must be signed with TU Delft and the company prior to the start of the project; the project plan is attached to the contract as an annex. An invoice for the project will, if relevant, be sent at the start of the project. And must be paid before the completion of the project.

The company keeps an hourly administration to account for the ‘in-kind’ hours that are put into the project.

Within one month after completion of the project, the company produces a report that is delivered to the contact person of the Fieldlab together with the hour administration.

The results will be shared both in and outside of the Fieldlab.

Participation in at least 1 Meet-UPPS gathering is required.

Concerning IP, separate agreements are made per project. 


The Field Lab runs until mid-2022

Want to know more?

Send a message to Marijke Idema.


She can tell you more about the different types of projects, the third call due december 2021 and the conditions for joining.