A custom measurement model for Brazilian kite surfers


A wetsuit that is too tight can be uncomfortable. A wetsuit that is too loose can not fulfill its insulating function as the water escapes. Current wetsuits are tailored to windsurfers. Kitesurfers make other movements, which means that the fabric is taxed differently. By taking into account the use, wishes, sizes and context of kite surfers in Brazil, the wetsuits were anthropometrically, functionally and aesthetically improved just for them.

  • An anthropometric database can be used to collect data from the target group
  • Different bodies can be compared with a parametric model
  • With a modeling program in combination with a dataset different cutting patterns can be made for varied sizes
  • With user tests, the amount of stretch and the “perfect fit” can be checked
Design Stappen

Design Stappen

Design Stappen

Verschillende culturen

A parametric model has been created to adjust the cutting patterns of existing wetsuits. The model provides cutting patterns of sizes XS, S, M, L, and XL based on the data given to the program. In this case the data contains the body measurements of Brazilian men. The model indicates where the wetsuit will fit too tight or loose around the body. A good application of the use of anthropometric data.

Author: Tanis, E. Contributors: Molenbroek, J.F.M. and De Smit, A.

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