Fieldlab UPPS

Automation of Custom Suits Based on 3D Scans

The Makers


This project by The Makers, a B2B company, investigates the shift from conventional measurement techniques to a digitised system using 3D scanning to improve tailor-made suit production. Aiming to double tailor-made suit output, the initiative focuses on developing accessible scanning technology and algorithms for accurate body measurement analysis. This response to a growing demand for digitalised shopping experiences seeks to offer a more personalised approach to suit customisation. Despite obstacles, such as COVID-19 disruptions, the project offers deep insights into the operational dynamics of suit production and evolving consumer preferences.

Problem Definition

The challenge is to transition from traditional manual measurements to a digital interface for capturing body measurements through 3D scanning. This seeks to address consumer demand for personalised shopping experiences and enhance the production efficiency of custom suits, exploring the service's feasibility and potential challenges for direct consumer delivery.

UPPS Workflow Description

Collect Phase


The collection process started with a pilot study at The Makers, combining manual and 3D scanning for six participants to gather detailed 3D data. The use of a specially designed turning platform during scans aimed to ensure accuracy by minimising movement.


The project emphasised developing and acquiring advanced hardware, notably a custom-made turning table with arm handles, to stabilise participants during 3D scanning and enhance data collection precision.

Analyse Phase


After data collection, a selection phase identified the most relevant data points for analysis, aligning with the project's goals and ensuring a focused and effective examination.


The data comparison phase revealed significant measurement discrepancies, especially in girth, leading to a recalibration of methodologies. The project utilised various algorithms and software for data analysis, refining the approach based on the comparison of physical and 3D measurements.

Design Phase

Produce Phase

Use Phase


The project highlighted the potential of 3D scanning in improving the accuracy and satisfaction in tailor-made suit production, despite some measurement differences. The insights gained are pivotal for future automation in suit customisation and contribute to a broader understanding of digitalisation in fashion. The knowledge developed is being shared through reports and presentations to drive further innovation in the field.

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