UPPS is a collective of innovators, thinkers, and makers from TU Delft.

We are beyond passionate about the personalisation of products and services and help lead a transformation towards an inclusive future where every product is designed with the precise needs and dimensions of the individual in mind. UPPS consists of a group of professors and academic researchers from TU Delft who collaborate with students, other technical universities, and industry partners.


Guided by the experienced hands of the UPPS lead team, we navigate the complex landscape of designing and producing personalised products. These experts, coming from TU Delft and renowned for their expertise, are the cornerstone of our mission. They not only provide strategic direction but also inspire a culture of innovation, ensuring our projects address real-world challenges.

Daan van Eijk

Coördinator NEXT UPPS

Marijke Idema

Coördinator Fieldlab UPPS

Toon Huysmans

Coördinator UPPS TU Delft

Project Leaders

The UPPS Project Leaders are at the forefront of guiding academic research into tangible outcomes. These individuals stand out in leading projects that generate more 3D data and push the boundaries of personalised design. With a deep understanding of both the scientific and practical aspects of personalisation, they guide their teams through the complexities of prototype evaluations and design process improvement, ensuring each project supports our main goal of ultra-personalisation.

Bertus Naagen

Lab Technician

Laura Ahsmann

Project leader

Timon Staal

Project leader

Wolf Song

Mechatronic Design

Johan Molenbroek


Lyè Goto



Next UPPS enables a unique interdisciplinary collaboration with the Dutch manufacturing industry and design studios, intended to drive the transfer of knowledge and tools from the lab to production. We are happy to work with the following highly committed industrial partners.


Project Leaders

Project leaders within Next UPPS help to steer the research projects within Next UPPS, they are innovators exploring the leading edge of personalisation technologies. Their work is important in advancing our understanding of 3D scanning, 3D printing, and other emerging technologies. By leading projects that are at the intersection of applied research and technological innovation, they play a critical role in developing new methodologies and tools necessary for personalised production.

Ozgur Tasar

Philips Design

Stephan Wensveen

TU Eindhoven

Tom Veneker

University of Twente

Christiaan Versteegh

Bata Industrials

Marina Toeters

Onno Pontfoort

Berenschot Groep B.V.


The researchers within Next UPPS are the driving force behind the projects with our partners. They conduct the crucial applied research that guides our initiatives. Their commitment to research, scientific data analysis, prototype testing, and methodological improvement enables us to advance the boundaries of personalisation technologies.

Svetlana Mironcika

TU Eindhoven

Robbert-Jan Torn

University of Twente